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Ag-Biotech Services

Our streamlined operating procedures, proven methods, and a high-throughput platform ensure fast, accurate results. We understand that each project is unique and extremely important. We take extra care to provide the greatest attention to detail and analysis based strictly on the quality and characteristics of genomic data. Our services eliminate time-consuming steps and random variables associated with many in-house lab procedures.

When you work with us, you get the benefits of:

  • our proprietary SNP PCR mix and flexible 96 well to 1536-PCR plates to lower your costs
  • robust analysis backed by validated genetic data from wide genomic backgrounds
  • confidence in our proven expertise in DNA marker analysis

Our Services

PCR-Based Marker Systems For Molecular Breeding

We offer an array of marker systems for MAS breeding programs to quickly analyze seedlings using validated genetic markers linked to highly desirable agronomic traits.

Marker-Assisted Selection (MAS)

We use data from early-generation DNA testing and pertinent phenotypic information to help select individuals with desirable traits for subsequent generations. Maximizing trait selection is vital for accurate product development, and for reducing the time-to-market for new varieties.

DNA Marker-Assisted Backcrossing (MAB)

We apply MAB to hasten gene introgression and the recovery of the recipient genome during backcrossing. MAB minimizes linkage drag around the desired gene, and maximizes the chances of identifying the best individuals as parentals for the next generation in a crop improvement program.

DNA Fingerpriniting and Intellectual Rights Protection

The range and types of DNA markers are unlimited, and thus, far superior to traditional morphological and isozyme markers for plant variety identification. DNA markers produce higher levels of variations and polymorphisms, and are not likely to be subject to environmental influences.

Custom DNA Marker Development (DMD)

Ag-Biotech offers custom DMD for identifying and developing linked markers for mapping specific traits. Developing molecular markers enables selective breeding of agronomic species. DMD also supports linkage mapping and MAS breeding strategies, which hasten the transfer and introgression of desirable genes among varieties and from wild species into crop plants.

Hybrid and Trait-Purity Analysis

We determine true hybrids from selfs, identify off-types and ensure the highest seed quality. Ag-Biotech offers highly accurate, proven and reliable PCR-based methodologies and DNA markers to determine hybrid purity, and perform variety identification for various crops.

Genetic Map Construction

We construct linkage maps using molecular markers to find the locations and relative positions of specific genes on nuclear chromosomes. Using linkage analysis, we identify loci that may be associated with the expression of agronomically important traits. We then tag these genes with molecular markers and identify their presence or absence in specific plants or breeding lines.

DNA extraction and Purification.

Ag Biotech has been serving the agricultural research community for over 18 years. Along with our day to day genotyping services Ag Biotech also offers high throughput plant DNA extraction from plant tissue and seeds. Our high quality plant tissue extracted DNA is suited for standard PCR, genotyping and sequence related works. Please inquire about your specific needs.

With Ag-biotech, you can expect: