SNP Sequencing Strategies Provide Roadmap for Rapid Trait Analysis

November 29, 2011—Ag-Biotech Inc., a leading commercial plant genomics testing laboratory, expands its testing options by making SNP-based (single nucleotide polymorphism) assessments as economical and reliable as the company’s other marker-assisted analysis methods.

“We are leveraging technology to help our clients quickly and accurately achieve their R&D objectives,” said Dr. Mark Massoudi, President of Ag-Biotech Inc. “We have already begun implementing SNP genotyping strategies for some of our long-term customers, and we anticipate many more will follow.”

Based in the heart of California’s most abundant agricultural regions, Ag-Biotech has the most comprehensive proprietary database in the Western U.S. of molecular markers for many now-common vegetable, fruit and other plant varieties. To launch its SNP-based technology, Ag-Biotech will make available a panel of SNP markers to aid tomato breeders worldwide. Other trait and non-trait panels will be available soon for many other crops as Ag-Biotech develops and validates SNP markers.

“We consider our leadership in identifying trait-linked markers to be a distinct advantage,” Dr. Massoudi said. “The known genetic traits—resistance to diseases, pests and other important agronomic trait information—provide a roadmap for rapid trait analysis with SNP technology.”

Ag-Biotech is known primarily for its molecular breeding marker systems and marker-assisted selection services. SNPs are highly abundant markers that permit finer mapping of traits, resulting in shorter development cycles and greater opportunities for breeders who need to select genes for desirable agronomic traits.